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This is a world where people connect more in the online world than they do in real life. If we talk about some of the most famous social media apps which have brought people together, these would include Facebook and Twitter. After different social media apps, since they connect mostly through the messaging services, the second biggest platform would be the instant messaging apps. Talking of these apps, it is the time that we introduce you to WhatsApp which is without any doubt the biggest instant messaging app used worldwide. It is definitely due to the quality features of the app which are faster, more, and better than any other service present online. We will be reviewing this app for you today and if you want to download it for Android, get the free WhatsApp APK right now from our website and start using this amazing app. Well, we are not yet done with the introduction of WhatsApp. It is the biggest freeware voice over IP and instant messaging platform where the options are unlimited for you. Whether you just want to text with your loved ones and friends, you want to do free voice and video calls, send voice notes, send music, documents, pictures, and videos, and hence, anything of communication can be performed for absolutely free and only the data charges apply there. It was back in January 2009 which app initially got released and wasn’t as big as it is now. Back then, you were only able to do messaging on it and send documents and pictures etc. However, now it is a much bigger platform where you can do voice and video calls, messages, share documents, music, and videos, which is something none of the other instant messaging apps could ever bring.

WhatsApp Features and Review:

It becomes really difficult to review an app which already has more than 1 Billion users all over the world. After its release, it is an app which has seen many phases and today, it stands as the most used instant messaging and voice over IPs. Before WhatsApp, there were many other instant messaging apps. Some were known for their fast and free messaging services while some were known for their voice and video call services. There was not a single app which could bring every necessary feature altogether. This is when an app like this one was introduced to the users and it completely changed the trend of the competition in this department. The users could now do everything thing for absolutely free where all they had to do was to manage a smartphone and an internet connection where there are many service providers providing that for free as well. Now if you just want to connect with the people, you need to send important documents, or you simply need to share stuff, everything that you need is there on the WhatsApp. Also, one of the things which people love about this platform is the compatibility and support which is simply massive. If we talk about the smartphones operating systems, WhatsApp is available on each and every platform including the Android, IOS, BlackBerry, and Microsoft Windows. And, not only smartphones, if you want to use it on your computers such as desktops, laptops, and Mac computer, you can always use it there as well, however, the method may change over there. But, the point is that after Facebook, an app which has broken every record of compatibility is WhatsApp and there is no doubt that this will keep winning the hearts of the users.

This review is going to be a long one since we have so much to discuss this app. After being done with the basic features and the compatibility, let us now move on to the user accounts and security. Well, here is another place where the app really rocked. The instant messaging apps before this one such as KIK and BlackBerry messenger asked the users to create a new account like Facebook just so they could start using the app. The way WhatsApp made it easier is that it asks the users to enter their mobile phone number and an account for them will be created which requires no password and other crappy stuff. All you need to do is to simply enter your number in the app and after the verification by sending you a code, you will be able to start using the app. Your data will be stored in your respective cloud if you are an Android, Windows Phone, and IOS user.

Getting Started with WhatsApp:

When you start using WhatsApp after entering your number and getting it verified, you are asked to enter a name where you can either use your real name or some nick. You can upload your picture and put a status so that you can start using that with the people. Once you have done that, the app will sync to the contact in your phone and add them to your contact list in the app but only the people who have activated the app for themselves of course. You can now choose a person to text from your contact list. You can either send them a message, do voice calls video calls, and you can also send the voice notes to get started with communication. We shall now move ahead and discuss the security features of the app.


A couple of years ago, the security on WhatsApp was not as good as it is now. So before then, there were people who could exploit your account by hacking into your messages and documents where you had sent and shared through the app. However, while the concerns were raised by the users, the developers behind the app introduced the end-to-end encryption where everything you send and share is encrypted and is only decrypted when the person, on the other hand, receives them himself. Well, this was something which completely removed the concerns of the users and now they are using an app which is secured to the maximum. If you have deleted WhatsApp and someone sends you anything, nobody will be able to see those messages unless you open them yourself. Also, no one can use your number to activate their account since it is activated through a code sent in the text by the company.

Text Messages:

While we have discussed the security and some other personal features, it is the time that we now discuss the communication features of the app. Well, as far as the most basic meaning is concerned that is the text message, it has always been there since the inception of the app and it has only got better with the time. When you send someone a text message on this app, it is protected by the end-to-end encryption when ensures the security and also when the messages are delivered, it is indicated by ‘double marks’ and when a person has read the message, the double marks turn blue giving you an indication.

Voice Calls:

As far as the voice and video call feature of the app are concerned, it has also only improved over the years. Well, it was not long ago when a voice call was introduced and even though there some connectivity issues before, they got solved by the developers and we now enjoy voice calls which are made without any interruption and with loud and clear sound. However, this also depends on the internet connection you have. If your internet is faster, you will be able to enjoy the best services you will get. However, a slower connection may cause some problems but this feature on the app is designed to consume as less date as possible and also in a very slow speed, a lot of data can be transferred.

Video Calls:

Just like the voice calls, the introduction of this features on this instant messaging platforms was a little bit shaky and the problems were enormous. But as the time passed, the developers of the app proved that how good they are at doing their job and within no time, the users started getting a smooth experience in video calls as well, where only a normal 3g connection would be enough to do some smooth video calling. Moreover, there are still some features which users are demanding which includes the conference voice and video call which they might introduce soon, however, that will only be limited to the groups.

Groups and Broadcasts:

The idea of the groups isn’t very new since doesn’t matter which instant messaging platform you can think of, all of them provide you the feature of making groups and enjoy the conversations in them. However, WhatsApp made it even better since it made the sharing of the document, audio files, contacts, and other stuff much easier and faster in the group and that is why people prefer to make groups on this platform rather than other platforms where the features for these are truly limited. Besides the groups, the app made the announcements and advertising of something which you are selling even easier with the broadcasts. The broadcasts are also a free feature and you can make your own broadcast by adding your friend where you can always share and announce things without other interrupting you and this has made the advertisement and publishing much easier for the people. The security of these features is also quite enormous and while you are sharing some stuff, you do not need to worry about privacy since they are always going to be protected by the service providers.

Status and Sharing:

So a year or more have passed since WhatsApp have also introduced the status and story sharing feature. This is just like the stories on apps like Snapchat where people can record and capture something and put that in the news feed which can only be seen by their contacts. Since these are stories and unlike the news feed on Facebook, these disappear after every 24 hours and do not exist permanently. You can also delete them before time and if you want to share them only with some special people, you can change the sharing privacy settings in the app. You can share pictures, write statuses, share videos, music, and other stuff which you want to share and enjoy more and more with your friends.

How to download, install, and use WhatsApp?

To use this app across different platforms, there is hardly anything different for the smartphones. Whether it is your Android, IOS, BlackBerry or Windows Phone, you can always download the app for the respective play stores of these platforms or you can either use the external files such as APK to install the app on your Android. Well, we are going to discuss and share the methods separately in other headings as well but first, let us give you a quick guide on how to use WhatsApp once you have downloaded and installed it across different platforms. This is a going to be a step-by-step guide to make sure that you catch up with everything you need. Let us begin now: After downloading the app using any of the respective methods, install it on your smartphone and open it. After you have opened the app, you will be asked to enter your number and when you enter that, you will be sent a security code via text message which would automatically integrate with the app and your WhatsApp will be activated. After that, you will need to enter your name and profile picture which you can skip as well if you don’t need any of that. You will also need to agree with the terms and conditions put forward by the app and then you will enter the main interface. Your phone will automatically sync with the contacts since you have given the permission and all the contacts using the app will also be added to the list of contacts of the WhatsApp as well. You can now use any mean of communication such as the text message, voice call, video call, and if you only need to share stuff, you can send that from the gallery of your phone either on the status or in the personal message or group conversations which you have joined.

WhatsApp on PC.

Even though there is no direct method of using this app on your pc by downloading and installing, there are two major methods on which you can use WhatsApp on your desktop or laptop computer. We are now going to share those methods with you so let us begin now.

Use WhatsApp on Pc with Bluestacks:

Bluestack is an emulator which allow the users to install and use the Android apps on their computer. There are two versions of this software where Bluestacks 2 is the latest and the better one. If you need to run the Android apps and more specifically WhatsApp on your computer, you can follow the steps given below to do that: Download and install Bluestacks from the official website of the software or any other third-party website. Once you have downloaded it, you can install it using the conventional installation method which you have been using for years. Now open the software on your desktop and log in your Gmail account in it so that you can use it just like the Google Play Store on your phone. After doing that, you can now download WhatsApp from the play store. You can also download the WhatsApp APK and upload it to the software to install but this is a feature which you can only use in the second version. The other method of using WhatsApp on Pc is through this page and we are now going to lay out its steps of use. Open whatsapp.androidpackagekit.com on your laptop or desktop computer. Now open the app on your smartphone as well and make sure that it is connected to the internet as well. Now in the settings, you can find WhatsApp Web and this will open a QR code scanner and the QR code for which is present on this page which you can scan on your phone and you can now use your mobile WhatsApp on your computer. Well, make sure that your Mobile WhatsApp stays connected to the internet otherwise, you will lose the connection on your computer as well.

WhatsApp on Android.

The platform on which WhatsApp is mostly used is Android. It is because of the compatibility of the app with the operating system which works even with the very old version of the OS. As far as the user is concerned, it is not any different from the other platforms. So we will now move ahead and tell you the process of downloading and installing WhatsApp on the Android for absolutely free. Let us begin: So the first and easiest method of downloading and installation is from Google Play. Login to your Google Play account and search for WhatsApp. You will find the app which you can now easily download and install. If you do not have Google Play available, you will need to do it through the WhatsApp APK whose procedure is mentioned below: Download and install the free WhatsApp APK from our website or any other APK website which you like. Once you have downloaded the APK and it is present on your phone, you will need to enable the unknown source option in the security settings of your phone. After enabling these settings, you will be able to install the app using the APK file. The rest of the procedure for using the app is the same for every user. Download WhatsApp for Android: You can download the free WhatsApp APK right now on our website.

WhatsApp on IOS and Mac:

After the Android, the second biggest platform on which people use WhatsApp is IOS which people install and run on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices as well. The format of the files on this platform is different of course, but the rest of the procedure is completely the same. So without wasting any more of your time, let us tell you the procedure: You will need to create an Apple Store account which is very easy to do and all you need to do is to sign up. Once you have created your account, you will need to sign in to the Apple Store and search for the app to download and install it. A back up of your data is stored in the iCloud which is the online cloud storage of Apple. The process of the installation of WhatsApp on Mac is not any different, however, remember the APK installation method and download the app on your Mac to start using it.

Download WhatsApp for Mac and IOS:

You can download the external file right now on our website.

Download WhatsApp on Windows Phone.

This downloading and installation procedure of WhatsApp across different platform hardly changes but it is our sole responsibility to do that for you. So without any further do, let us move ahead and teach you the download and installation process of WhatsApp on Windows Phone: You will need to create a Microsoft store account which is very easy to do and all you need to do is to sign up. Once you have created your account, you will need to sign in to the Windows Store and search for the app to download and install it. A back up of your data is stored in the cloud storage which is the online cloud storage of Microsoft Windows. The process of the installation of WhatsApp on PC is not any different, however, remember the previous PC installation method and start using WhatsApp on your computer as well.


Have you ever seen a better guide on WhatsApp than this one? If not then don’t forget to leave us your feedback on the article and in case of any query, you can leave us that in comments as well. Download WhatsApp free for the Android, Windows, and Mac right now on our website and start enjoying the best instant messaging and voice over IP services.

App Info:

Version 2.19.155
Developer WhatsApp Inc.
Updated June 01, 2019
APK File Size 34.1 MB
Win 32-Bit File Size 124.87 MB
Win 64-Bit File Size 133.03 MB
MAC OS X 10.9 & Higher File Size 130 MB

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